Country music teaches you to work. You hear stories about these artists who show up four hours late to a photo shoot, and in Nashville that doesn’t happen. In Nashville, if you go four hours late to a photo shoot, everyone leaves. In Nashville, if you don’t care about radio and being kind to people who are being good to you…It’s a symbiotic relationship, and if you don’t take care of it, they they won’t take care of you. I’ve never been more proud to have come from a community that’s so rooted in songwriting, so rooted in hard work and in treating people well. It was the best kind of training.
Taylor Swift (x)
I fought the idea of having security for a very long time, because I really value normalcy. I really do. I like to be able to take a drive by myself. Haven’t done that in six year. (Even in Tennessee?- Interviewer) No, they have to be in a car behind me. Because just the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed up at my house, showed up to my mom’s house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me. This is the strange and sad part of my life that I try not to think about. I try to be lighthearted about it, because I don’t ever want to be scared. I don’t want to be walking down the street scared. And when I have security, I don’t have to be scared.
Taylor Swift on having security (x)
Standing there at the stage door to the rest of your life. Time to dip your toe into the deep end. Try things. Say hi already. Laugh a lot. Mess up. Apologize. Mess up again. Hug people. Take chances. Trust yourself. Lose things. Get over it. Hold your friends close. Gather your strength. Gain wisdom and beautiful stories. Be brave, and you’ll have the time of your life.
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I need a friend like taylor swift in my life


I need a friend like taylor swift in my life

In fact, Swift not only writes and produces the majority of her own songs, she also decides each career step, from the music video directors to PR events, and acts as a CEO leading her brand. “If I am involved in all the steps I don’t have to deal with surprises. For me, creative work is a very structured process. I always have to be well prepared, otherwise is doesn’t work. We are currently planning the tour, the press days, the total concept with which I want to live the next two years. I’m damn proud of my work. That’s why I don’t care to know who calls me a remote-controlled pop starlet.”
Taylor Swift in Harper’s Bazaar Germany (a translation)

Just so you guys know, when quotes are translated from another language, it’s very hard to convey the exact verbiage of what you said in the interview. So, this is not the exact translation of what I said. Not that I don’t agree with the sentiment, it just wouldn’t be my exact wording.
Na mean?

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Allan Carr Chatty Man  kind of predicted semi trance Taylorrr!!!

Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods
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out of the woods taylor swift

remember when we couldn’t take the heat

i walked out, i said “i’m setting you free”

It would take an astonishing human for me to even consider getting back into a relationship. It would take a really, really, really, really, different – kind of one in 1 million person to kind of face all that. I don’t have any kind of idea who I want to be with, because I don’t have any pieces missing from my life right now. I’m not looking for anything to complete. I think that’s a nice place to be.
Taylor to People magazine (via youprovethemwrong)
Celebrities surround themselves with people who don’t know what they want and only have you to validate their lives—that’s not interesting to me. You should not be threatened by women who are pretty and charismatic and good at what they do…my girlfriends have shaped me more in the past year and a half than any other factor.
Taylor Swift - Fashion Magazine Canada, November 2014 (via tswiftcan)